Client: Men’s Health
Project: Men’s Health 30th Anniversary Video
Creative Direction/Design/Animation/Editing: Jiri Seger

Background: What started as a special issue of Prevention magazine, ended up the world’s leading men’s lifestyle brand. This video was a celebration of the celebrities, topics, ads and evolution of the brand over the last 30 years.

Project: Logos for Men’s Health Events, Awards and Partnerships
Creative Direction/Design: Jiri Seger

Project: Presentation Slides
Creative Direction/Design: Jiri Seger
Background: Special deck for the 30th anniversary issue. Presented by sales and marketing to agencies and advertisers, nationwide.

Project: Advertising Samples
Creative Direction/Design: Jiri Seger

Background: Select pre-sale mock-ups. Strategic proactive sales tools with strong rate of business return.

Project: AdAge Sizzle Reel for Men’s Health
Creative Direction/Animation/Editing: Jiri Seger

Background: After being awarded magazine brand of the year by AdAge, the honor was shouted from the mountaintops and the following sizzle reel was created to remind the ad industry why the brand is the leader in the category.


Client: U.S. Navy
Project: Native Video for
Creative Direction/Design/Story Board: Jiri Seger
Illustration: Chris Whetzel, Jiri Seger
Video Animation: Undefined Creative
Background: U.S. Navy approached Men’s Health about a campaign centered around the athletic prowess of the officers and the tests used to determine if a candidate is fit to become one. Overwhelming response and attention  from the Men’s Health audience made this one of the most successful campaigns of the year.

Project: Infographic series for
Creative Direction/Design: Jiri Seger
Illustration: Chris Whetzel, Jiri Seger
Infographic Animation: Jiri Seger

Background: Co-branded infographic extention of the campaign for

Process Insight: Illustration development with notes prior to client presentation.

Client: Spiceworks
Project: Spiceworld Hype Video
Creative Direction/Concept/Design/: Jiri Seger
Animation/Editing: Malcolm Hardiman

Background: For it’s flagship event, Spiceworld, Spiceworks wanted to start it’s keynote with a bang. What resulted was a video that used simple icons to tell the story of Spiceworks inception and evolution, while touching on topics the tech industry and the Spiceworks community is talking about.  

Project: Spiceworld Signage and Collateral
Creative Direction/Concept/Design/: Jiri Seger

Client: Reebok
Project: video series
Creative Director/Design/Concept: Jiri Seger
Cinematography/Editing: Box Set Productions

Background: Reebok was launching a new shoe, specifically geared toward Crossfit athletes. We shot three athletes around the country with very different stories that led them to be elites in this discipline. Finny used the workout to overcome a family tragedy. Logan proved he could become an instructor as an amputtee. Jeremy leveraged his deep knowledge of training to create a wildly successful business.

Be More Human:
Finny Akers

Process Insight: Story Boards For Finny Akers and Jeremy Scott


Client: Meredith Food Group
Logo Design: Jiri Seger

Project: EatingWell Sizzle Reel 
Creative Direction/Design: Jiri Seger
Animation: Mindfile

Project: Rachael Ray 10th Anniversary Party Signage
Creative Direction/Design: Jiri Seger

Project: Food Group Advertorials
Creative Direction/Illustration/Design: Jiri Seger