Client: U.S. Navy
Project: Native Video for MensHealth.com
Creative Direction/Design/Story Board: Jiri Seger
Illustration: Chris Whetzel, Jiri Seger
Video Animation: Undefined Creative
Background: U.S. Navy approached Men’s Health about a campaign centered around the athletic prowess of the officers and the tests used to determine if a candidate is fit to become one. Overwhelming response and attention  from the Men’s Health audience made this one of the most successful campaigns of the year.

Project: Infographic series for MensHealth.com
Creative Direction/Design: Jiri Seger
Illustration: Chris Whetzel, Jiri Seger
Infographic Animation: Jiri Seger

Background: Co-branded infographic extention of the campaign for MensHealth.com.

Process Insight: Illustration development with notes prior to client presentation.